Ebook - Data is useless


Discover the limits of a data-driven approach and why we need to think bigger with the concept of information.

Explore a new way to exploit your assets and reveal their power thanks to semantic AI and knowledge graph technologies. 


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The author

Guillaume, Product Director at Perfect Memory, is a specialist in the convergence of media and semantic technologies. His experience of nearly 15 years combining the development of semantic processing tools and the management of customer projects allows him to understand and share a complete view of the functional and technical issues that Perfect Memory must address. He also devotes himself to the transmission of knowledge through conferences and the writing of articles.


Who is Perfect Memory?

PerfectMemoryis a next-generation tech provider that ensures everyone across your organisation can create maximum value from your data and multimedia assets. 

Our advanced semantic AI platform collects, interprets, transforms and integrates anydata and contentinto operationally  exploitable assets that form a Knowledge Graph that can be accessed and leveraged by anyone in your organisation, so you can uncover hidden knowledge and untapped sources of value in line with your business priorities. 

Provide all business units with easy access to the company's multimedia assets to ensure fast, efficient and seamless operations.  

This is whyabroadspectrumof organisations across the media, entertainment and technology ecosystem have chosen to partner with us on some of their most complex challenges.