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Thinking about Information Management instead of Data Management changes everything!

In this webinar, discover what are the difference between Data Management and Information Management and why it will enable your organisation to move up a gear.

We will also present the central role of data and IT managers in this paradigm shift and the benefits they can draw from it to better serve LOBs.




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On the agenda

1 - Data Management or Information Management: what are the main differences between these two approaches?

2 - What are the benefits of an Information Management approach?

3 - The role of CTOs and CDOs in the transformation of IT ecosystems and how Information Management can help them achieve their goals

4 - Questions & answers

Our super speakers 😍

After a career as a Business Analyst, the brilliant Mariem Solanet joined the ranks of Perfect Memory to support the deployment of ambitious projects for our major clients such as France Télévisions.

Louis Matignon has over 9 years of international experience in the broadcasting industry, where he has managed global software and service portfolios as well as teams of engineers and pre-sales architects. Today Chief Revenue Officer at Perfect Memory, he applies himself to generate the maximum value for its clients.

Who is Perfect Memory?

Perfect Memory is a  high-end technology provider and software editor. Through our semantic AI composite technology, we help organisations to operate more efficiently and tackle their digital challenge with Knowledge Graph technologies that reactivate corporate memory, uncover hidden knowledge and reveal new sources of untapped value creation.We bring value wherever there is a need to create a common language and interoperability between heterogeneous data to understand what connects them and to learn from these crossings.