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Gartner's and France Televisions’ testimony on the usage of knowledge graph & ontologies in real-life


We hear more and more about Knowledge Graphs... but how should we use them? What are the concrete ways to boost their efficiency? And what are the specific use cases in companies?

In this webinar, learn from Gartner how ontologies can empower Knowledge Graphs and take them to the next level.

France Televisions will also share with you the way that knowledge graphs and ontologies are currently used, and the clear-cut benefits they provide.


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On the agenda

1 - Gartner's perspective: technological trends and market developments related to Knowledge Graph and ontologies

2 - Technological presentation of Perfect Memory's AI composite platform, which integrates ontologies and knowledge graphs in his platform

3 - France Télévisions' real use case: feedback on the performance of knowledges graphs coupled to ontologies

4 - Questions & answers

Schémas Perfect

Our super speakers 😍

Anthony Mullen leads the AI agenda across Gartner and is chair of the Application Innovation and Business Solutions summit in EMEA. He covers AI with specialisation in Natural Language Technologies such as speech to text, text mining, search, conversational AI and natural language generation. Current research is around multiagent systems and simulation.

Matthieu Parmentier is in charge of data governance and applied AI for media production and distribution at France Televisions, the 1st French public service audiovisual group composed of 5 national television channels, 24 regional branches, 9 ultramarine TV and radio antennas and a full range of digital services. He heads a department composed of about twenty technical experts.

After 15 years of entrepreneurship in the field of digital technologies, communication and marketing, Sébastien Urios is now head of the new business at Perfect Memory and is in charge of deploying the technology in new market segments and organising indirect sales by setting up and running a network of VARs (Value Added Resellers) and integrators.

Who is Perfect Memory?

Perfect Memory is a  high-end technology provider and software editor. Through our semantic AI composite technology, we help organisations to operate more efficiently and tackle their digital challenge with Knowledge Graph technologies that reactivate corporate memory, uncover hidden knowledge and reveal new sources of untapped value creation.We bring value wherever there is a need to create a common language and interoperability between heterogeneous data to understand what connects them and to learn from these crossings.